Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.


Peter took in the scenery with much amazement. Things had really changed since his last visit. He swooped down from the clouds to get a closer look. His clothes of intricately woven leaves would not do. He had to blend in. Then he remembered that on one of his previous visits, he came across a home for lost boys just like his gang back home. Perhaps, he could get some clothes that looked like what everyone else was wearing. With much difficulty, he snooped around until he finally found the place. Yes! It was still a home for lost boys. All he had to do was to sneak in through a window and get some modern clothes. Within a couple of minutes, he was in and out, looking like a boy who belonged to this new age. With keen interest, he walked along the road and watched as people whisked by in automobiles that looked quite different than he last remembered. He walked by what looked like a window with an invisible wall showcasing stiff people wearing clothes like a spell had been cast on them. He saw many people in trains that looked longer and moved much faster. Several people walked past him without so much as a glance at him. Everyone and everything moved in a hurry. And the buildings were now much, much taller than he recalled. If only Tinkerbell was here to see this.

He would have loved to visit many places, but it was time to fulfill the reason why he came. He had to see her once more. He wondered if she or any of her brothers would remember him. It had been so long since their adventure and he had not come by since then. Despite how much things had changed, he knew exactly where the house was. With a leap and a bound, he was in the air again. As he approached the house, he felt excited. The little boy inside him wanted to play again, but he knew better than that. Regular people stopped playing as they grew older and she must be much older now.

All the windows were shut and the curtains drawn. This had never happened before. He usually swooped in through the children’s window each time he came. He was puzzled for a while until it occurred to him that these were people who couldn’t fly so they walked into their houses through the front door. He glided down gently in front of the house and knocked. An elderly man answered the door.

“Hello. Who are you?”

“My name is Peter. Is Wendy in, please?”

“Yes. How are you acquainted with her?”

“She’s an old friend.”

“An old friend? Boy, you’re hardly fourteen years old. How long has it been since you’ve known her?”

“I meant she’s a friend of my family,” Peter recovered quickly.

“Well, don’t just stand there. Come in. Wendy! There’s a boy looking for you!”

A wrinkled face greeted Peter with a smile.

“I wondered if I’d ever see you again, Peter”

“You remember!” he shouted with joy.

“How could I ever forget you? After all the adventures we had.”

“Wheeee!” Peter lifted off the carpet and sailed around the room.

“You can’t do that in here. Thomas doesn’t know anything about you or magic.”

“Who’s Thomas?”

“The man you met at the door. He’s my husband.”

“What’s a husband?”

“I’ll tell you all about it later.”

Later that day, Peter sat on a cloud while looking down at Wendy’s house. He thought about the long conversation he had had with her. She had told him about the interesting life she had lived in this world; about her brothers, her husband and her children. He wondered about may things – if they would have had a more bedazzling life if they had stayed with him to have more adventures, and if Wendy would ever visit him again; if he should have returned to live with Wendy after he defeated Hook; if he could have become her husband and if he would have looked as old as Thomas by now; if they would have had children of their own.

No! He would never trade his life in Neverland for any other.