Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.


‘Thirteen boys and thirteen girls signed up for a summer camp on Friday the thirteenth in the year twenty-thirteen. They brought all the equipment and gear they needed for the camp except their wits and their courage. The staff seemed friendly and experienced so parents parted with hugs and kisses, relieved and relaxed. As soon as the last car was out of sight, the staff’s faces began to contort , grinning literally from ear to ear. They peeled off their faces, revealing skeletal structures. The girls screamed while the boys called for Mummy. “We do not come in peace,” their leader said, still grinning. “We are here to conduct experiments on you. We will peel off your faces and gut you like fresh fish.”

Suddenly, an alien craft uncloaked above the terrified children. They were beamed aboard the ship, aliens included, and were never seen or heard from again.’

‘Your story sucks, Daddy,’ cried eight-year-old Anna.

‘Yeah Dad,’ ten-year-old Tommy chimed. ‘I’m not even scared. Mummy, tell us a scary story.’

The two children sat quietly beside the camp fire, setting their marshmallows on fire as their mother began her story.

‘Listen to me, one and all, to my heart-wrenching story. There is a man with a mangled face and sharp, pointed claws, who stalks your dreams at night. The people of Elm Street speak not of him for they fear the mere sound of his name. A name that sounds so strange; the miscreant called Freddy Krueger…’