Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

Actress - Nataliorion

She walked daintily in the moonlit street; each step calculated, each gentle tread seemingly hovering above the ground. The white gloves hugged her pale skin, giving any passer-by the distinct impression that she wore nothing on her hands, but there was no one but her at that hour to draw such a conclusion. The laced umbrella she carried partly covered her face, leaving only her blond her to recognize her by.

All windows were closed and all lights snuffed out. Only an owl hooted in the night, adding to the eeriness of the chilling howl of the mid-autumn wind. Yet, she was oblivious to all of these. Children slept uneasily, whilst their parents trembled in their beds. No stray dog or cat dared venture the streets in search of a half-decent meal. Each to its hiding place; each to its refuge.  No one, man or animal, dared take a gander, lest their inquisitiveness held them captive to their worst fear.

She walks the streets of the town called New Salem from midnight till dawn same time each year.  They say she lost her lover at sea and was so heart-broken, she never took off her mourning clothes until the day she stepped off a cliff to join her one true love. They say her body was never found, but there were and still are rumours of a certain woman dressed in black who walks the streets the same still night she died over a century ago. They call her The Lady in Black… Or so the folklore goes.