Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

The pier was her place of retreat; her place of peace and quiet, where she could take a vacation from people-pleasing and be herself. The red garment she lay on kissed the lake in romance and she, seduced by the words on those pages she was glued to. She was in another world, much less boring than reality.

Suddenly, she turned at the sound of rustling bushes near the bank. She had the feeling that someone was watching her, but brushed off the idea, thinking it was a deer or hedgehog. No one knew about this place, except her parents, who had died in an accident the previous year. Still the bush rustled. Now, she began to panic. Could there be a peeping tom in there? She sat up and called out, ‘Anybody there?’.

There was silence. The bush stood as still as a doorpost. The silence, now riddled with mystery and uncertainty, troubled her. She squinted, trying to make out what was behind those bushes. Was that a rifle sticking out somewhere in the middle of the foliage? Was that a man in camouflage? She was about to call out to him when…

The bang jolted her up with impunity. She sat up, wet from profuse perspiration. She looked around and saw the Daniel Radcliffe poster on the wall behind the bed, glowing in the dark.

‘Are you alright, Dear?’ her mother’s warm voice inquired from the doorway. ‘Your father and I heard you shouting.’