Hello folks! I find that having to sort through blogs for a review of a particular book amongst many other articles can be frustrating. Search engines can be of some help. Nonetheless I’ve decided to make a gallery where you can easily spot the covers of the books I’ve reviewed and subsequently, all the books I will review.


Take a ride around the block and let me know how it feels. I hope you enjoy the convenience of finding all my book reviews on a single page. Click here to view the page.


Also, I’d like you to rate my posts. More often than not, I get comments and likes from fellow bloggers, but a precious few actually take the time to click on those white stars just below each post to make them glow. My rating system is as follows:

  • One star :      Boring
  • Two stars :    Cliché
  • Three stars : Satisfactory
  • Four stars :   Good
  • Five stars:     Excellent

The criterion for my ratings is last but one on the right sidebar, just above the Ad-free Blog sign and below the live traffic feed. Kindly refer to it if you can’t find this post later on. Cheers!