Yeah, yeah! I know the photograph says it’s a buzzard, but it looks like a raven to me. Who can tell the difference looking at it from that angle?

Forty days and nights of measly rations in a floating box can drive any species crazy.  And what’s with the nepotism? The poultry have grown double chins; those constipated pigeons can barely walk; the macaws, nightingales and canaries get the superstar treatment, but I’m shushed when I sing. The mammals get pet names and even the reptiles are pampered so they don’t swallow anyone. Geez! It’s like all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.  Then those humans send me on this suicide mission when it stops raining and expect me to waltz back in there? Pleeeeease. 

Friday Fictioneers is a meme by Madison Woods.