Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

These creatures are capable of artificial illumination and terrestrial locomotion. Their technology might have advanced considerably since the last mission. This denotes a capability of flight technology. We may have to explore alternative tactics. Those two in the terrestrial ship seem to be interested in me. Ah! Their pheromone levels are increasing exponentially. Is it because I have assumed a feminine body? They must be male, then. Is that why they make high-pitched noises with their audible facial cavities like the four-legged lower creatures that follow and obey them?  Shall I go on to postulate such chemical imbalances interfere with their logic? I will note this in my report for further experimentation. Perhaps it is a weakness we can exploit. Aha! There it is! The agent on our first mission reported that a male will disobey his primary objective, abandon reason and do anything for a female when she offers him the forbidden fruit. I wonder what this forbidden fruit is. I must find one and offer it to these male creatures. If it works, we can use it as our primary weapon.