Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

Clutching her bag, she quickened her pace as she walked by the last street light. There was no doubt someone was following her. Perhaps a stalker or one of those weird characters who prey on women at night. She pulled the side zipper and felt around for her Mace. Why had she stayed in for that staff meeting? Everyone who could come up with an excuse had fled when the memo went around. Now there she was, afraid and alone.

She stopped suddenly and swung around to surprise her assailant, but there was no other person on the sidewalk. Puzzled, she started walking even faster than before. There wasn’t a sound to be heard except for the constant chirr of crickets. A breath of freedom filled her lungs when she saw her porch light. She walked briskly to the door and deftly unlocked it, feeling foolish for imagining all those horrible things. There was no stalker, no psycho killer, no…


“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”