Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

A blanket of storm clouds loomed over their heads as they drew near the lonesome cottage.


“This seems like a good place to retreat from the rain,” said Julius in a matter-of-fact voice.

“Honey, I don’t like the look of that house,” Amy whimpered. “It gives me the creeps.”

“Don’t be such a baby. This is the countryside. Aren’t you the one who wanted us to get away from all the noise in the city for some peace and quiet?”

“I know. I know. But something just doesn’t seem right about this place. Besides, we’re not even sure it will rain.”


Julius ignored her and strode over to the wooden bridge.


“Coming?” he asked.


The words had barely escaped his lips when he heard a loud creak from beneath his feet. Before he could even react, the floor gave way, dropping him like putty. He scrambled desperately to catch hold of something, but there was only air to grasp. Then he felt a piercing pain that rushed up his side and engulfed the rest of his torso. His head throbbing, he looked down and realised he was caught at the waist.

Amy watched helplessly as her boyfriend struggled to free himself. She ran over to help him out. Grabbing one of his arms, she pulled as hard as she could while he used his other hand to leverage himself.


“No. Stop!” Julius pleaded. “It hurts.”

“Wait here. I’ll go to the house to get help,” Amy managed to squeak from her sobbing.

“Do I look like I’ll be walking away from here anytime soon?” Julius retorted, wincing in pain.


Amy chose to ignore his sarcasm and treaded carefully past him toward the house. As she approached the front door, she felt goosebumps all over her body. This was not time to quiver and tremble. She steadied herself and knocked on the door. There was no answer so she knocked again, even louder.


“Hello?” she shouted. “Anybody in there? We need help!”


Still no one answered. Mustering all the courage she could find, she turned the doorknob and pushed. It creaked open to reveal a drab room, lit up with the glow of a dying candle. She shuddered at the thought of walking in there alone. If only Julius hadn’t been such a blockhead and taken off like that.

She took one final glance at the bridge to see Julius still struggling limply to free himself. His face looked pale from all the pain. She walked in and called out once more in a trembling voice.


“Hello? Can anyone hear me?”


Suddenly, the candle went out and the room was engulfed in complete darkness. Her first impulse was to shriek, but nothing came out of her mouth. She just froze and stood there, her mind blank, her heart pounding. Then she felt something brush against her left shoulder.


“Welcome to the edge,” a guttural voice whispered  from behind her.